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The Espresso Modus Operandi

As you already know, to make an espresso requires a few delicate, yet precise steps.  The correct mode of operation to prepare the perfect espresso can be summed up into what is cleverly called the “4 M’s”, derived from the Italian language.  

The first of the M’s is the miscela or blend.  In our endeavors, we look to designated coffee-origin countries for a distinctive collection of geological factors that ultimately make Grande Italia an extraordinarily flavorful espresso.

The second M is the macinadosatore or espresso dosing grinder. Grinding the espresso beans to the exact fineness allow the correct water pressure to filter through the cup to make the perfect espresso.

The third M is the macchina or espresso machine. The espresso machine is the heart of the process and requires two key elements, water pressure and water temperature. Dark roa